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General Civil Litigation

It is important to understand how the legal system and take appropriate action if you are suing a party or if you need to use the legal system to pursue a different remedy from another party. At JV Law Offices we are well versed in civil litigation and transactional matters and are able to provide personalized service in a large range of practice areas. We handle matters involving:

Construction Contract Disputes

Whether you are a general contractor, subcontractor, developer, vendor or owner, JV Law Offices can effectively assist you in obtaining a resolution in any dispute. We can communicate your claims, assist you in obtaining payment(s), remove or file mechanic’s liens, engage in informal dispute resolution, and protect your interests by filing or defending against a lawsuit.

Business Law

We can help with the many challenges faced by business including:

  • Debt collection
  • Contract enforcement
  • Defense of lawsuits
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Vendor disputes

Breach of Contract

Contracts govern many transactions that individuals and businesses enter into. When you enter into a contract orally or in writing, you and the other party are agreeing to be bound by that agreement. If you fail to perform your end of the contract, you could be sued for breach. If the other party fails to perform their end of the contract, you could sue for breach and seek to obtain legal remedies.

Fraud and Misrepresentation

Fraud and misrepresentation related claims are complex and highly emotional. These types of claims often occur in contracts for services, real estate or whenever a contract between two parties is negotiated and signed. Regardless of the circumstances, fraudulent behavior is never acceptable. It is not only a crime, but is also a civil wrong for which you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Practice Areas
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