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Navigating Your Teen’s Leap into Adulthood: A Parent’s Guide

Single parenthood. Mother and daughter spending time together at home.

April 3, 2024

Your Role as a Parent Gets a Makeover

The moment your child celebrates their 18th, your role takes a backseat legally. Yup, that means no more calling the shots on their health or money matters. If they land in a pinch, medically or money-wise, you can’t just step in like the superhero parent you are without the right legal paperwork. Getting your head around this is step one in dealing with their move to adulthood. Here at JV Law Offices APC, we’re your compass and guide through this major milestone, making sure everything is done with precision and care. This guide will walk you through the legal changes you’re about to encounter and share some tips on how to manage this transition smoothly.

Why Powers of Attorney Are Your New Best Friends: Setting Up a Safety Net

Think of a Power of Attorney (POA) as your magic wand in this new chapter. It lets your child name someone they trust (maybe you!) to make big decisions for them if they can’t. There are two must-haves here: one for money matters, called a General Durable Power of Attorney, and one for health decisions, known as an Advance Health Care Directive (AHD).

Money Matters: General Durable Power of Attorney

This type of POA means your child can choose someone to look after their finances. It’s like giving them a financial safety net, with you possibly holding it without stepping on their adult toes. But, make sure to check with banks about their POA policies to avoid any headaches. 

Healthcare Decisions: Advance Health Care Directive

This AHD is a lifesaver, literally. It allows the chosen person to make health decisions if your child can’t. It’s all about making sure your child’s health wishes are followed, highlighting why this is a big deal during their leap to legal adulthood.

Keeping Tabs with a HIPAA Waiver: Staying Connected to Their Health

Turning 18 means your teen’s health information is now under lock and key due to HIPAA laws, cutting off your access. A HIPAA waiver is your backdoor key, letting healthcare providers share your teen’s medical info with you. It’s essential for staying involved in their health decisions.

The Power of Conversation: Talking Through the Transition

Turning 18 isn’t just a legal thing; it’s a major life moment. The key? Talk, talk, and talk some more about what this all means with your child, especially about health and money decisions. These talks are the groundwork for preparing both of you for the reality of adult life.

Planning Ahead with JV LAW OFFICES, APC

Ready to tackle this legal adulthood transition? We are here to help your family navigate this new phase. Reach out to us to see how we can support you in preparing for this exciting chapter.

As a premier Estate Planning Law Firm in San Dimas, we understand the deeply personal nature of this process, representing your life’s work and legacy. At JV Law Offices, we specialize in tailored estate planning, working closely with you to address your goals and minimize tax burdens and legal costs. Beyond legal counsel, we are committed partners in securing your legacy for generations to come.


This blog is our way of making sure you’re clued in and feeling good about this big life shift, with a helping hand from our team. Remember, we’re here to turn the legal jargon into something you can not only understand but use to empower your family. And, while we’re here to guide you through the legal landscape, remember this blog is for general information purposes and not a substitute for legal advice tailored to your unique situation.